firstly, my cut would be convertability ? access? inclusion ? - as regulator or more. where is the action/ control and also support ? that needs regular checking.asovereing i said landmass okay not human body bcos that is destructible er erodable .

as with any structure - ongoing assessment is safest for user/deployer and developer (includes all even packager)

thank you good summation. however, to date - the inaction in landmasses pretending unknown when is deriving benefit makes this neither human / sentient or even ethically responsible . 30 july 2022.

i would assume variance in structure construction and deployment would be indicative of experience to date in work related dynamism . regards. rated? graded? numeric.. weightage i fought and dropped since retail is what creates hackathons also groupisms .community hmm

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Is there any role in the Defi ecosystem that *can't* execute it's function in a censorship-resistent manner; pseudonymous, anonymous, jurisdictionally agnostic hosting, etc. Designed to avoid regulatory interference; ungovernable by the State.

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sentient or not. careful

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